Vortex Razor Red Dot Review (May 2022)

If you’re in a shooting competition where speed and accuracy matter, and you want to acquire targets faster and easier, you should bank on the 3 MOA red dot. Read our Vortex Razor Red Dot review to learn more about the product and how to mount it on a picatinny rail of your firearm. With a larger crosshair than 2-MOA, Razor is suitable for faster target acquisition at close- and medium range distances. Not just that, but Razor is a negligible addition to your hunting gear if you’re a hunter on a long trek, which can last for days.

This Razor is far lighter, tougher and more durable and weatherproof than any sight in its price range. No annoying bikini style turret caps; just arrow buttons. The sight has an auto shutdown feature, which contributes to lengthening battery life. Optics quality is superb. You get all these features if you’re willing to part with more cash, though.

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Vortex Razor Review

If you find yourself in a situation in which every ounce matters, you’ll find great delight in a red dot whose weight is negligible.

For a hunter on a long expedition, a weighty addition to your hunting gear is the last thing on your mind.

Weighing just 1.4-ounces (39.7g), Razor is 3.8-ounces (107.7g) lighter than one of the lightest red dots available on the market!

You’ll feel almost no difference in weight when you add Vortex Razor Red Dot 3 MOA to your gear.

Even if you add a mount weighing 1.1-ounces (31.19g), still a total weight of 2.5-ounces (70.88g) remains superlight, and beats even what’s considered the lightest sight on the market by far!

If your pistol, shotgun or rifle scope capability is with a 1913 style picatinny rail, you’re in luck.

If not, don’t despair.

You can purchase a picatinny platform for the low mount from firearms dealers.

No doubt an upgrade to any sight in its price range, Razor comes slightly at a higher price, though.

Measuring 1.8-inches (4.5cm) across, Razor is more compact than any red dot you can find in its price range.

Just as any other red dot, Razor has a single dot reticle at the center of the field of view but whose diameter of 3-MOA is larger.

You can even replace the reticle with a larger-size 6-MOA, but it can obstruct long-range targets. Choose larger-size reticles for close- and medium-range uses.

On top of it all, the red dot gives you unmatched awareness of objects around you. Coming with a magnification power of 1x, the objective lens offers you the widest field of view to spot targets at close-range distances with devastatingly accurate precisions.

Optics have a reflex design, and Vortex polished the surface to increase the crispiness and brightness of an image. And so, edges of images are very sharp for optics, which provide you with high resolution.

One CR 2032 battery provides power to illuminate the reticle. You can adjust brightness intensities in 9 different ways. Whatever light conditions you find yourself in, you’re able to paint your target red easily and quickly.

Unlike red dots that lack auto shutdown feature, Razor shuts down automatically after a 6-hour duration of use to preserve the battery. Battery life is awesome, lasting about 150 hours if you set the reticle to the brightest intensity.

But if you use a moderate setting or lower, battery life extends to about 30,000 hours.

What’s more captivating about red dots, in general, is that you can position your eye any distance from the eyepiece and still be able to see clear, bright and crisp images.

Be careful to keep your eye a reasonable distance from the ocular optics to avoid injuries from recoil.

Chassis makeup is lightweight aluminum, the material of which Vortex has anodized to increase resistance to abrasion and weather elements. Wearing a matte finish on its surface, the chassis absorbs reflections and glares, which irritate eyes.

And that can count in your favor, as low-glare reduces chances of blowing your cover.

More than that, ArmorTek coating on the surface adds to resistance, toughness, and durability. O-ring seals cover the optics. So, no need to worry about stubborn stains left by oil and dirt, because the protective coating takes care of that.

Best of all, you can count on Razor, no matter how inhospitable the environment is.

Wastage of light energy is minimal, as multiple layers of proprietary coatings covering the surface of optics maximize transfer.

Hassling to make compensations for parallax is almost none. There’s no distance you can begin to worry about compensating for misalignment of your eye with the red dot.

What you need to worry about, however, is making compensations for bullet drop and wind drifts. Nevertheless, sighting in is straightforward for easy target acquisition.

There are no turrets with annoying bikini style caps, simply arrow buttons on side and top on the sight for windage and elevation adjustments, respectively.

When you rotate the dial for windage during zeroing, a click sound is audible. That means you’ve moved the point-of-aim by 1.05-inches sideways toward the center of the target at a 100-yard distance.

With 1.05-inches equivalent to 1 minute of angle (MOA), you can’t make more than 114 MOA. In other words, you’ll have to hear the dial click 114 times before you move the point of impact 119.7-inches sideways toward the bullseye.

For bullet drop compensation at 100-yards, you’ll have to hear the dial click 170 times (MOA) for 178.5-inches above or below the bullseye.

Like any other sight, Razor isn’t without faults.

If you’re used to adjusting the sight with a coin, nothing can be more of a put-off than having to use an Allen key.

What’s more, you must press and hold the button on the red dot for some seconds to switch it on. This delay is tolerable as long as you’re a hunter but not so when a few seconds is a matter of life and death.

How to Mount a Vortex Razor Red Dot

Razor comes with a low mount, which clamps to picatinny rails on firearms. Your firearms platform for attachment must have a picatinny rail; there’s no two way about it.

The good news, though, is that you can customize the rail for a weaver, AR15 riser, or handgun platforms.

Here are the steps to mount your sight onto the platform rail:

  • Clamp the sight to the picatinny rail. As you do that, there are chances lug for recoil would fall outside a base groove. Ensure you stabilize the lug. Moreover, ensure you face the sight’s adjustment side.
  • Ensure that the clamp’s height is lowest. The platform’s exterior should hook the clamp.
  • Press down the sight while you push it in muzzle’s direction. Use a hex wrench that comes with the sight to fasten the screw holding the clamp.

If you customize the platform for a weaver, an AR15 riser or a handgun mount, follow the following steps:

  • Remove the base of the clamp before you mount the sight onto the platform of your choice.
  • Customize your sight for the platform you chose using a mounting shim.

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Now that you’ve read this Vortex Razor review, you’ve gained in-depth insights into the features, specifications, benefits, and drawbacks of the sight. More than that, you’ve learned how to mount the red dot sight. Razor is more than an upgrade of any red dot you’d across on the market in its price range.

If you’re willing to part with more money for a more durable, weatherproof, light, and accurate option, then Razor is an answer. Not just that, battery life is far longer than any red dot, and the auto-shutdown feature serves to prolong it. Razor makes up for the shortcomings of most red dots in its price range. No annoying bikini-style turret caps. However, you can’t adjust the sight without an Allen key. You also require to press and hold a button for a few seconds to switch on the sight.