The 10 Best compound bows for hunting (January 2022)

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Choosing among the best compound bow for hunting isn’t a matter of guesswork. You’ve to know exactly what you’re looking for – what feels like you. We often advise our readers to avoid focusing on models and features, as they can mislead you. Your choice can make a sea of difference in your archery and hunting experience. Consider your hunting style, physique and experience as they go hand-in-hand with draw weight and draw length.

If you’ve not been hunting for a long time, choose a lighter but longer bow with a greater range to give you more room for growth, and set up a minimum draw weight. Don’t also forget to select a bow that’s easier to maintain and assemble. And remember that bow hunting is more challenging than using rifles, but it’s also more grateful. A choice in-between the two weapons could be the crossbow.

What is the best compound bow for hunting?

Our selection of compound bows would help you to make a more informed choice. Read on to learn more.

1. ​SAS Rage Compound Bow Review

If you’re looking for the best compound bow for hunting for the money, then SAS Rage 70 is something that you should count on. This is the kind of weapon that can exceed your expectation, given that its price is not more than $200.

The projectile of arrows flies with speeds that can reach up to 270-feet-per-second if it weighs 300 grains. To prepare the weapon to fire, pull back a string up to 24.5-inches with a minimum force of 55lbs, and up to 31-inches with a maximum force of 70lbs, from axle to axle.

Before you cock, axle-to-axle width is 35-inches. But higher draw weights can damage your muscles and tendons if you’re a beginner. We advise you to use 55lbs.

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If you use the maximum draw weight and length, firing 350-grain arrows, you can achieve a kinetic energy of 68.8ft-lbs, but that power can reduce to 56.7ft-lbs with 425-grain arrows. And so, you can easily take down small- and medium-sized game like a rabbit, a groundhog, an antelope or a deer.

The string has a stop to reduce vibrations, and comes with a D-loop or a no nock. To avoid destroying your bow, wax the string and cables before firing. Besides, dry firing can cause cables to get in the string path, and can spoil the silencer.

The weight is 4.4lbs, but can increase to 6lbs if you attach a stabilizer, a sight, an arrow rest and other extras. And so, you may find it unsuitable for aiming or carrying for long periods

2. Raptor Compound Hunting Bow

If you’re experienced shooter, despite your age and gender, and you’ve hunting and bow-fishing on your mind, you’ll be thrilled by a top-of-the-line bow that offers you both strength and speed. One of the best compound bow for hunting and fishing out there.

Raptor compound bow is one of the best bowfishing bow.A projectile of 350-grain arrows can fly with a maximum speed of 315-feet-per-second.

The accuracy is spot on, and the projectile has a penetration power that’s enough to kill a whitetail. Be sure to fire within a 40-yard range. A longer distance would require you to apply a greater draw force, but noise increases.

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The minimum force, which you can stretch the stringto 24.5-inches when cocking, is 30lbs.To stretch the string to a maximum length of 31-inches, you must apply a force of 70lbs, but you’ll feel only 17.5lbs, because of the compound design. When uncocked, axle-to-axle length is 30-inches.

Sometimes, a cable guard can slip out. It’s important that you tighten screws before you shoot.

The bow weighs 3.6lbs before you attach any extra.

No need of a bow press, because the draw is quickly adjustable. Because of such versatility, children and adults can use the best compound bow for hunting.

The machining of the aluminum cams and risers is 100% — no breakable plastics, which can lead to bad hunting experience. Fiberglass makes up the limbs. These awesome features contribute to longevity, strength and flexibility.

A five-pin sight can greatly increase the accuracy.Moreover, the sight can illuminate field of view. The peep sight and loop are pre-mounted.You don’t to assemble parts – you simply ‘plug and play’.

3. Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee JR

If you intend to introduce your kids to archery, then a versatile compound bow with a fixed draw force of 18lbs is somewhat suitable. Young hunters have a draw length range of 4-inches to experiment with.

With adjustable draw lengths between 18-inches and 22-inches, you can adapt the model to almost any situation, whether it be a birthday party, camping or fishing. But you need to supervise your kids, because the device isn’t a toy. Arrows can cause injury to any living thing.

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The length is 33.5-inches, and suitable for 8- to 12-year-olds. Although long, with a weight of 1.8lbs, you can carry for long periods without feeling muscle ache. But a draw length of 18lbs is a bit on a higher end for a kid who isn’t strong enough.

Besides, a kid who intends to work his/her way up the poundage may be repelled by inflexible draw weight. In addition, a taller-than-average kid or a youngster with a longer arm can’t pull back the string to the anchor point (corner of mouth).

The riser is made of plastic to give you a soft touch. The streamlined cams ensure smooth shots. We recommend a shooting range of between 15 yards and 20 yards.

A plastic vane or a fletching can split if it hits a shelf. Replace the vane with a feathered arrow to avoid wild or inaccurate shots. Arrows have a length of 28-inches, are blunt and made of inexpensive fiberglass. Sometimes arrows can slip from arrow rest that’s kind of small.

4. Leader Accessories Compound Bow Review

With axle-to-axle width of 31.5-inches, you can pull a string when cocking to a maximum length of 31-inches with a force of 70lbs. But you’ll feel only between 14lbs and 17.5lbs of the draw weight, because of a let off of between 75% and 80%. Draw is smooth, so shots fire accurately.

You’ll have to find arrows yourself. The manufacturer drilled holes for add-ons. We recommend that you look for sizes of arrows that go with draw lengths you’re comfortable with. Select ones with a heavy tip.

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A minimum force of 50lbs can pull a string to 25-inches. A 10-pound range, as well as 6-inches, is too narrow for someone who intends to work his/her way up the poundage.

Hence, experienced bowers can find a bow, which weighs 4.4lbs, and fires high-speed projectiles with a maximum cruise speed of 310-feet-per-second, attractive.

If you use a 350-grain arrow with the maximum speed, you can achieve a power of 74.61ft-lbs. With a single shot, you can easily take down a big game like a wild boar, an elk or a black bear.

Allen Wrench removes the need for a bow press. You adjust the nocking on the string to four positions. We recommend you install a D-loop to prevent your finger from twisting the string when firing shots. Ensure the D-loop comes with an aid for mechanical release to prevent you from firing at your fingers.

The arrow rest is made of a plastic that can break. We recommend you replace it with a drop away or a whisker biscuit rest. The cam has a dual eccentric system.

5. Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Review

Children and adults can like this incredibly versatile piece of equipment, which comes with six accessories of the Trophy Ridge, and is ready to fire once you open it from the box.

The maximum axle-to-axle length, when you draw the string in readiness to fire with a force of 45lbs, is 27-inches. However, when un-cocked, axle-to-axle length is 27 1/8-inches.

The minimum force, which you can pull the string to 12-inches when cocking, is 5lbs. The maximum draw force can cause the bow to spit projectiles cruising with speeds that can reach 290-feet-per-second, but you’ll feel only 13.5lbs.

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Allen wrench saves you from the need for a bow press. The limbs are separate, and come with pockets, which retain tight tolerances every time across the 40-pound draw weight range.

The weight is 2.7lbs when empty, and 3.2lbs after you attach all add-ons. The lightness and a minimum draw force ensures kids can use the weapon with ease. And so, the best hunting compound bow is scalable, because kids can grow their hunting skills as they work their way up the poundage.

A string suppressor reduces noise, giving you stealth capabilities. The riser is a lightweight, machined aluminium, and the grip removes torque. The riser has a string stop to prevent you from accidentally placing your arm in harms way.

The cam has interchangeable MVL system, with a 15-inch range of draw length. A D-loop is also present, but the wide-ranging adjustment can make the wall feel less crispy during the draw cycle.

6. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow

If you have been training as a recurve shooter and need to transit to a compound bow, the Diamond Infinite is one of the bows that offers the best value for your money. It has a wide range of draw weight and length, and that’s something average shooters can appreciate as they perfect in archery. It’s very balanced, what makes it a candidate to the best compound bow for hunting.

The dual twin cams at the bottom and top move in unison creating that smooth cycle you need as you draw. You can adjust the draw weight from 5 pounds to 70 pounds,and that is broad enough to work with. If you are a beginner, you can slowly extend all the way up as you practice.

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Shooting with this pro bow gives you a speed of 310 feet per second after drawing a length of up to 31 inches. You can reduce it to around 13 inches if you are not one of the tall ones which means you can use this bow to train a 10-year old kid how to shoot. 

The back wall is stiff enough to allow you to find your anchor point at your own pace if it’s a problem.

You may like a longer axle to axle length,but this one gives you a decent 31.5 inches which is suitable for tall people who are maneuvering in thick bushes. Carrying it is not a problem since it’s only 3.2 pounds without added accessories.

One of the dislikes about this bow is the accompanying arrow rest which you may wish to replace,and the grip is not one of the best if you have used a better model before. 

The included tundra sight is also not one of the best,but it will help you target more than 40 yards away. Lastly, it comes assembled,but you would like it tuned for the best performance.

7. Diamond Archery 2016 Edge Sb-1

Arguably one of the most adaptable Top compound bow brand, Edge Sb-1 is suitable for both inexperienced archers and practicing hunters. Versatility and adjust-ability are unlike any other. These attributes combined with a simple setup make up for a superb hunting experience for just about anyone, including youngsters.

The limb has a brand-new EZ pocket system, which allows you a 63-pound gap for adjustment. You’ve plenty of options, because you’ve a 15-inch range of draw length, too.

The binary cam system has two symmetrical cams, and is the best-in-class, ensuring perfect synchronization; hence, spot on accuracy and arrow speeds that can reach 318-feet-per-second.

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While axle-to-axle length is 31-inches, you’ve to pull back the string toward the anchor position to 30-inches with a maximum force of 70lbs to shoot the projectile at the highest speed. But you’ll feel only 20% of the force: 14lbs, when cocking.

Applying a force of 7lbs will stretch the string to 15-inches when cocking. Therefore, you’ve a 63-pound range of draw length to experiment with, so your child can grow with this weapon pretty well.

Draw weight adjustment is incredibly easier than draw length, because you rotate only one screw! Turn in the bolts of the limbs to raise poundage. Do the opposite – turn out the bolts – if you want to decrease draw weight.

The weight without add-on is 3.6lbs. This weight will increase if you add what comes with the weapon: a five-inch stabilizer, a five-arrow quiver, a wrist sling, a three-pin sight, a peep sight and a nocking loop.

8. Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Review

Any archer or a bow-hunter of any skill level and age can use a three-pound Cruzer G2 for serious and fun hunting. The device comes with six accessories in the Trophy Ridge package:

  • A four-pin sight
  • A five-arrow quiver
  • A nock loop
  • A stabilizer with wrist sling
  • A peep sight
  • A whisker biscuit

You’re ready to fire the device once you draw it right out of the box.

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The maximum force you can feel, when pulling back the strings of the bow toward the anchor point to 30-inches, is 70lbs but you can feel only 21lbs, because of a 70% let off.

And this is possible because the draw cycle is ultra smooth. The maximum draw force and the length give you a cruising speed of 315-feet-per-second, assuming we fire 350-grain arrows.

The minimum draw weight is 5lbs for axle-to-axle length of 12-inches. Hence, you’ve a 65-pound range to experiment with different hunting styles and situations. This huge range allows kids to work their way up the poundage as they become more pro.

Adjustable Allen Wrench removes the need for a bow press. The grip has advanced design, so you won’t feel torque when handling during firing. A bi-dimensional and adjustable suppressor removes noise on the string and cables.

The modules are rotatable for a cam system that requires to adapt hunting or archery to a wide range of situations. Quad limbs ensure the highest speed.

Axle-to-axle length is 30-inches. Compactness enables you to move easily on a tree stand or a ground blind.

9. PSE Archery Youth Bow

An axle-to-axle length of 29 ¼-inches ensures compactness and maneuverability. The maximum length you can draw back the string toward your anchor point to 26-inches in readiness to shoot is 29lbs. 

But you can feel let off only if you draw to the maximum weight and length. While pulling back, you’ll experience little resistance.

The weapon is ultra light, as it weighs only 2lbs, so your child can carry and aim sight for long periods. Shots are deadly accurate from point blank range to 10 yards.

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The minimum draw length is 16 ½-inches for a force of 12lbs. The range of draw weight and length falls within the heights and lengths of hands for many ten-year-olds or older. A 9.5-inch draw length range, and weight 17lbs, provides sufficient room for growth.

The quiver accommodates two fiberglass arrows. But fiberglass is a weak material that can crack or break when it hits a hard surface. A cracked arrows is defective, so make sure you check for cracks before firing, as broken pieces can injure your kid’s hand.

Not only that, you can expect the following from the package:

  • Three-finger rollers
  • Arrow rest
  • A one-pin sight
  • Arm guard

Strings and cables can slip out of position and slap your kid’s hands, causing bruises and injuries. You don’t want your kids to be scared of hunting, and, worse, leave it altogether. Arm-guard can offer necessary protection. And don’t forget to wax the string and cables, because dry firing can blow up your equipment.

10. Martin Archery Lithium LTD Review

The right-handed weapon weighs 3.8lbs without add-ons and a maximum of 4.4lbs with add-ons. The length is 38-inches but axle-to-axle length is 33-inches. And so, you won’t struggle when moving within a ground blind or a tree stand.

To release 350-grain arrows, which fly with a maximum speed of 345-feet-per-second, pull back the string with a force of 70lbs toward the anchor point to a maximum length of 30.5-inches.

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That would give you a power of about 84.7ft-lbs. If you use 425-grain arrows, you’ll achieve a power of 102.8ft-lbs. With this kind of power, you can kill an African elephant, a cape buffalo, grizzly bear and musk ox, let alone smaller game like elk, wild boar or black bear.

Outside a point blank range, results can vary. At intervals of 10 yards from the target, power decreases by 1.8ft-lbs. The length to which you can draw the string with a minimum force is 26-inches.

With a 15-pound range of draw weight, you’ve a lot of options for hunting. Firing is smooth and vibration-free, courtesy of a patented escape system. Three harmonic silencers reduce noise. Draw cycle and release are smooth.

Two identical X4 limbs, which power Lithium LTD, are made of long fibre, and come with four identical limbs to prevent cam from leaning.

The cam has a hybrid design, enabling a 100% adjustment. The skeletal riser has a machining of lightweight aluminium, providing you with both compactness and strength. The riser is wide, and has a pivot or bridge for a more accurate and vibration-free shooting.

What are the Things that You Should Consider Before Buying a Compound bow?

Choosing a best compound bow has more to do with you than model’s features. Draw lengths and draw weight depend on your level of comfort, physique and experience.

Draw Length

There are two ways to determine your most comfortable draw length:

  • Visiting archery store
  • Measuring your wingspan and dividing it by 2.5

You’ll have avoided the inconveniences that come with buying a bow whose draw length is either too long or too short for you.

Axle-to-Axle Width

If you’re looking for rifle-like ranges, as in long ranges in fields like a prairie or a tree stand in open platform, a bow with a long axle-to-axle width would do you justice. But taking shots in a tight blind or a single-seat tree stand would be a big no-no, as a longer bow is less maneuverable.


When you consider your physique, consider your height and the length of your hand. Your muscle density can also determine your draw weight. But it isn’t just muscles, we recommend you determine which one of your eyes is the most dominant. 

There’s a way to determine whether you’re left- or right-eye dominant, or both. Choose a right-handed compound bow if you’re right-eye dominant and vice versa.

Experience Level

Not only that, your level of experience is just as important. For starters, we recommend a low poundage, so you can work your up as you become more prolific. 

With a low poundage we mean that you find lightest compound bow in the market and set it up for the lowest draw weight. Choose also a long bow of you’re a starter, because the shorter a bow, the harder it’s shoot; hence, the more practice you need.

Hunting Situation

A tight blind or a single-seated tree stand requires a shorter weapon, which is more compact and more maneuverable. But a shorter weapon is difficult to fire accurately, because you require a lot of practice. And remember to get a proper backpack where you can carry the bow, arrows and related material.

Compound Bow FAQs

What is the effective range of a compound bow?

You’re looking for a range of yardages, which your arrow can deliver a power whose impact can cause the maximum damage to the vital organs of your target with a single shot. That would largely depend on speed and weight of the arrow, but gravity and aerodynamic drag can reduce the downrange flight of arrows.
Draw length and draw weight determine speed but arrow weight determines power. Thus, it’s important you determine a range of distances within a kill zone, and record them. Of course the best compound bow for hunting will have a longer range and more power.


We’ve learned that choosing the best compound bow for hunting is mainly a matter of draw length, draw weight, axle-to-axle width, experience, physique and hunting situation. If you’ve never fired a shot before, we recommend you select a light and long weapon that has the greatest range of draw weight, so you can grow alongside it as you work your up the poundage. Don’t forget to set up the draw weight to minimum.

Cruzer G2, Edge Sb-1 and Bowtech Diamond are suitable for beginners, because they’re long and extremely light, and have a great range of poundage. But these weapons are less maneuverable, so you’ll find them comfortable in open fields like a prairie. However, if you’re an experienced bower, and your main concern is stealth and you want to fire in a tight blind or tree stand, you require a silent but compact weapon. We recommend you choose Cruzer Lite and Youth Bow.