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What Is Eye Relief?

Sometimes when you are eyeing the buck for so long, and suddenly when it’s in motion, you only see a black ring in your view; you do not have a clear shot. In times like these, hunters can’t really afford to miss the sight of the target even for a second, and if you do, …

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How to sight in a rifle scope

As the most riflescopes are not appropriately adjusted out of the box, the rifle owners should know how to sight a riflescope. A skill to properly sight in or “zero” optics is very appreciated in the modern gun community whether one belongs to military operators, long-range shooting competitors, or hunter’s brotherhood. Today, a rifle or handgun scope …

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How to shoot a compound bow

Learning how to shoot a compound bow has more to do with your shooting habits and form – your techniques – than the limitations (mechanical release or lack thereof and nock) of the weapon. Whether you are deer hunting or on target practice, the way a compound bow fires doesn’t change. It’ll take a lot of practice and …

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